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Top Connecticut Pests to Watch out for this Fall


It’s starting to feel like Fall! As the nights get cooler and the days get shorter, this is the time of year when we start to see fall pests invade our homes for food and shelter. Here in Connecticut, there are 4 pests we see each year that cause problems for homeowners.

Spiders – While spiders are around in the Spring and Summer, we really start to see evidence in the fall as they spin webs and are much larger this time of they year.

Rodents – Especially House Mice – which may be one of the most common mammals in Connecticut – so it’s no surprise many homeowners are dealing with infestations at one time or another. During the fall Mice and Rodents begin to move indoors as the weather cools and they begin to search for food.

Stink Bugs – The cool seasonal changes in the fall trigger stink bugs to go in search of shelter for the winter. While stink bugs don’t bite – they can overwinter in larger populations inside a home and emerge in the spring.

Cluster Flies – Like Sting Bugs, Cluster flies are on the move in the fall searching for a place to stay during the winter. Cluster Flies resemble big houseflies and are found in groups on a sunny outside wall or indoors.

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