Pest Protection Programs

Silver Service Home Protection Plan

This quarterly service plan provides for initial service, inspection and treatment scheduled
quarterly for the control of the pests described below and it is understood that all other pests are not covered under this agreement. This program includes FREE emergency service when needed.

Watch the short video below to learn more:

Pests Covered under this plan include:

Carpenter Ants - Citronella Ant - Little Black Ant - Pharaoh Ant - Big Headed Ant - Pavement Ants - Carpenter Bee Nests - Yellow Jacket Nests - Paper Wasp Nests -Bumble Bee Nests - Hornets Nests - Mud Daubers - Mice - Rats - Fleas - Earwig - Pill Bug - Sow Bugs - American Cockroach - German Cockroach - Merchant Grain Beetle - Saw Tooth Grain Beetles - Drugstore Beetle - Cigarette Beetle - Carpet Beetles - Larder Beetle - Sac Spider - Hobo Spider - House Spider - Daddy Long Legs - Cellar Spider - Crickets - Centipedes - Millipedes - Acrobat Ant - Field Ant - Cover Mites - Silverfish - Indian Meal Moths - Stink Bug* - Box Elder Beetle* - Western Conifer Beetle* - Asian Lady Bird Beetle*



If you have pest problems, contact us today for a free, no obligation estimate. One of our friendly, experienced technicians will come out and assess your situation.