Tick Control Solutions for Connecticut Residents

Discover the Tick Box Tick Control System

The key to the Tick Box Tick Control System is a small, plastic box which holds an insecticide that's effective against ticks, and a bait that's attractive to mice. Your pest management professional or lawn care operator determines how many boxes you need to protect your property and places them in the interface between landscaped and wooded areas. The bait will attract mice living on and around your property to the system boxes. As a mouse moves through a box, it will pass under a small applicator wick containing a low-dose insecticide. The wick will lightly brush its head or shoulders, gently applying traces of the insecticide. The insecticide won't harm the mice or any other animal that might touch or even eat them, but it will kill the ticks that the mice are carrying. A single dose will protect mice for up to 40 days against any new ticks. As they return to the system, they will receive additional protection. Keep in mind that the system boxes are self-contained, and the insecticide they use is not a threat to any animal other than ticks on small rodents. The system is effective for approximately 90 days as installed, with two 90-day installations that take care of ticks for a full season.


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